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We make things by writing software. We are angel lane.

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We're also experts at all layers of the Internet (TCP/IP) protocol suite.

The things we make are focussed, straightforward and delightful.

Festival Guide App

The Angel Lane Festival Guide app suite was one of the very first mobile festival guide apps and has been refined every year since — nearly a decade. It is a full-featured generic guide product that can be customised for your event.

Current Events

Greenbelt 2017 icon

Greenbelt 2017

Greenbelt 2017 Festival Guide - Angel Lane

Android app on Google Play

Previous Festivals

  • Greenbelt 2016 icon

    Greenbelt 2016

  • Greenbelt 2015 icon

    Greenbelt 2015

  • Greenbelt 2014 icon

    Greenbelt 2014

  • Greenbelt 2013 icon

    Greenbelt 2013

  • Solas 2013 icon

    Solas 2013

  • Greenbelt 2012 icon

    Greenbelt 2012

  • Solas 2012 icon

    Solas 2012

  • Greenbelt 2011 icon

    Greenbelt 2011

  • Greenbelt 2010 icon

    Greenbelt 2010

  • Greenbelt 2009 icon

    Greenbelt 2009

  • Greenbelt 2008 icon

    Greenbelt 2008


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